Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For the love of God...Write!

I've started this blog really just for myself, so if you happened upon it, it is probably because you did some serious internet digging for me, wanting, for some weird reason to see if you could get some information on what I'm up to. Tough shit.

I'm reading Will Self's The Book of Dave right now and when that gets slow, because it kind of is even thought its interesting, I pick up a book of poems by Richard Wilbur "Things of This World" or Thomas McGuanes book of stories Gallatin Canyon which I can burn through in no time because they're fucking good.

I will curse alot in this blog and maybe write some poems or something about how hot my girlfriend is or how fucked up and stupid my job is or how much I can't stand the Berkeley elite, whomever they may be that day...

So fuck off. I'm done.

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