Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Book I Write in 2008?

The ideas are already flowing. I had this stroke of genius! Its obviously related to my upcoming job search. I think this might get written. Here is the title page and table of contents.

"Business Ideas"

1) By-appointment-only coffee (Yr latest album, e-mail, customized cup, fresh underwear)

2) Haircut Hat Day (The Day In The Life of The Haircut Hat - "That's right. THE DAY."

3) Guitar Tuners Unlimited

4) Bottle Collecting Robots - Realistic and Practical Technologies

5) Smell This, Inc.

6) Thoughtful Cards to Your Sister

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Books I Wrote in 2007

The Blue Heron On Methadone

Stories by Ammon Torrence

To order a copy, e-mail and make an offer.


I am a Honky ass reader?

I resolve to read fewer books by white men and more books by presidential dogs.

Books I read in 2007

20 Books in 2007 List

1. Gallatin Canyon Thomas McGuane (1/23)
2. Things of This World Richard Wilbur (1/25)
3. The Book of Dave Will Self (2/6)
4. Love and Hydrogen Jim Shepard (2/13)
5. The Road Cormac McCarthy (2/19/07)
6. Fun Home Allison Bechdel (2/20/07)
7. First Figure Michael Palmer (3/5/07)
8. Ooga-Booga Frederick Seidel (3/5/07)
9. Geography III Elizabeth Bishop (3/22/07)
10. Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift (4/17/07)
11. 77 Dream Songs John Berryman (4/23/07)
12. You Don’t Love Me Yet Jonathan Lethem (5/2/07)
13. In Persuasion Nation George Saunders (5/21/07)
14. A Tranquil Star Primo Levi (6/19/07)
15. Stories in the Worst Way Gary Lutz (7/2/07)
16. I Sailed With Magellan Stuart Dybek (8/2/07)
17. Growth of the Soil Knut Hamsun (9/25/07)
18. What is the What Dave Eggers (10/14/07)
19. Tree of Smoke Denis Johnson (11/12/07)
20. The Brief Woundrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Diaz (11/29/07)